Arc Guardianship & Case Management was created to assist individuals who, due to physical, mental or developmental conditions, may be unable to act with total independence.

 Guardianship: What is it? When is it needed?

“A guardian is one who is entrusted by law with the care of another person or his estate or both. One who guards, protects, or preserves…”   

The law generally presumes that an adult eighteen years of age or older is capable of handling his/her own affairs. A guardian may be appointed as a substitute decision maker if a person is disabled because of:

  • Mental disability
  • Physical incapacity
  • Mental illness
  • Developmental disability

The disability must prevent the person from making and communicating responsible decisions about his/her personal affairs.

Case Management

Provides innovative case management to many of its guardianship clients.  Case management staff are commonly assigned in guardianship or other cases in which the agency has responsibility for the personal needs of a client.

Our staff has considerable experience in successfully addressing the most difficult problems.